Fly Colombia City Tour

Luxury weekend

January 1, 2014 at 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM


Medellín is a city that every weekend has a new adventure to offer its own and visitors, live this experience that begins with lodging in the luxurious Hotel Park 10, fly by helicopter the most representatives’ sites of the city and with another look over land in the Turibus the streets of the city with stops in emblematic places to interact with its people and its culture. 

PBX: 57 4 444 9521 - 57 312 286 1917 - 57 301 640 2620 

Olaya Herrera Airport Hangar 67 A 
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia 

Fly safely aboard a powerful Bell Ranger Jet L3 helicopter and discover the new Medellín. 

Route: 40 km. Approx | Flight Time: 12-15 minutes 
See terms and conditions


Weekend luxury: Live and fly the most innovative city. 

He programs weekend

  • Accommodation 2 night 3 days in hotel category luxury. 
  • Standard room accommodation double. 
  • Buffet breakfast included in night of accommodation. 
  • Wifi courteousness in rooms and in areas common.
  • Included parking lot.
  • Free drink in restaurant Lussac. 
  • Helicopter ride over Medellín, 40 km of route, Route urban in shared mode on Saturday. Includes cheese board, Bottle of JP
  • Chenet, Souvenir photo and flight certificate of experience. 
  • City tour of city in Turibus. 
  • Bond for dinner in the restaurant Hard Rock for the couple. 
  • Aeronautical souvenir. 
  • Photo remember. 
  • Card of medical care. 

Places to fly over: See Route urban. 

The helicopter maximum capacity 5-6 passengers according to weight per person 80 kilos on average per passenger. 

Price por person 367 usd, operates daily, with prior reservation.

Our services include:

  • Attention in room thematic. 
  • Flight assistants. 

  • Refreshments. 
  • Flight panoramic by helicopter or airplane. 
  • Airport taxes and insurances.
  • Certificate flight.
  • Video of security. 
  • Publication of photos in networks and digital media of Fly Colombia (previous authorization).

Not include:
  • Services unspecified.

Our services are operated by companies certified by the Colombian Civil Aeronautics, which meet all standards and requirements.

At Fly Colombia City Tour we fulfill dreams and create stories.

$990,000 COP